Virtual Assistants, What They Are and What They Do.

As I am starting out as a virtual assistant, I have been doing a lot of research and some of things I have found are quite astonishing!
A lot of people have never heard of a Virtual Assistant, people that have heard of them do not really understand what a Virtual Assistant does.

A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed person who can carry out tasks such as administration, bookkeeping, marketing, website creating, plus a whole lot more (so it really is worth checking out Virtual Assistants as there will be something they can help you with) usually from their own home, as they are self-employed they can save businesses time and money.
Some people think Virtual Assistants are stay at home mums, not that there is anything wrong with being a stay at home mum, I was for the first two years with my son, I wish I could have afforded to stay at home longer so hats off to all Virtual Assistants who are stay at home parents. Yes, I did say parents as that was something else I found that a lot of people think Virtual Assistants are women.
Virtual Assistants come from all walks of life, offer a wide variety of services and have vast knowledge and experience.
A lot of local advertising companies do not have a section for Virtual Assistants which means that to get your advert on the company listing you have to pick the option closest to a Virtual Assistant unfortunately sometimes the option is not always what people would look under for a virtual assistant.
From my experience with the Virtual Assistants that I have connected with they are friendly, kind and helpful even though they knew I was setting up a business in their industry.