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I am pretty sure that when potential clients receive information packs or ask what a Virtual Assistant’s hourly rate is their initial thought is how much?!

Rates are reflected on the knowledge & experience of the Virtual Assistant’s, but you may be thinking this rate may be too expensive, so let’s have a look at the comparison to employing a Personnel Assistant to a virtual one.

The average salary for a PA in the UK is around £30,000 (according to Reed).  If you employ a PA on 35 hours a week that equates to £16.48 per hour – it does seem expensive.

Don’t forget you need to pay Employer’s NIC based at 13.8% on anything over £8,064 a year (2017). Which means in you are paying £18.74 an hour.

Let’s say you allow them 28 days annual leave (including stats) and using DWP average of 4.3 days sick a year, this equates to 32 days per year you are paying them for doing absolutely nothing.

Last year there were 260 working days, but your employee may only work 228 of those days, which takes their cost up to £21.37 per hour.  Of those 228 days your employee will not be working steadily for 7 hours a day, there will be things that take them away from their desk such as: comfort breaks, chatting with you & colleagues and not to mention checking their Social Media.  Realistically your employee will spend about 6 hours a day working. Now for the good part, for those 6 hours of work you are paying them £24.94 per hour. Now that has got you thinking.

This calculation doesn’t take into account any additional costs involved with employing a PA such as office equipment, pension, training, insurance, software licenses, coffee and stationary and so on.

I hope that by now you can see the benefits associated with working with a Virtual Assistant, where you can hire them for the amount of time to suit your business  requirements whether that’s 3 hrs or 35 hours per week or month, you will be charged by the hour and the timer will be stopped when not working on a task, so you only pay for 100% productivity.


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