Are you self-employed, sole trader, freelancer, consultant, small or medium business?

Are you drowning in admin and paperwork, no time to spend growing your business?

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What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone who can provide admin support for your business.

They work remotely usually from their home-based office.

They carry out tasks that an administrator, secretary or    P.A. would do.

Most are self-employed.

                                       Virtual Assistants come from different business backgrounds.

                                                    Most have worked in offices as administrators. 

                                                    A Virtual Assistant is also a business owner.


Why hire a virtual assistant?



A virtual assistant can provide admin support to let you concentrate on growing your business.


With a virtual assistant you will not have to pay employee taxes, insurance and benefits there is also no need for office space,  equipment and supplies.

Virtual Assistants normally work for other small businesses however their experience means they are able to work                                         with any size of business.

                                       Being a business owner themselves, they understand what it takes to run a business.